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What is more common to say in everyday Spanish: Como puedo saber, o Como podria saber? Is it just the question of the probability (conditional) ? Thanks in advance!

I would say maybe "Cómo puedo saberlo" but both are used. "Cómo podría saberlo" also sounds ok and usual. I guess it depends on the context. However you should use the pronoun "lo".

Muchas gracias por su rapido y util comentario! Todavia soy una principiante de espanol, (tengo 60 anos !!), pero estoy aprendiendo y disfruto mejorar mi capacidad para hablar, poco a poco cada dia... lo siento que por el momento no puedo hablar ni escribir muy bien. Espero que en pocos meses podre pasar al siguente nivel (intermedio) , por supuesto con mucha practica y suerte!

Adios por ahora! Hasta la proxima vez!


Hola Nevenka

Para ser principiante o incluso intemedio escribes muy bien ¡te felicito! y espero que pronto te animes a hablar o escribir más.


Hola Liszeth! Mucho gusto en conocerte! Gracias por tu cumplido sobre mi espanol :) Hace seis meses (hoy en punto) que comence (con acento en "E", final) aprender espanol. Lo siento pero no hay caracteres especiales en mi teclado, pero yo creo que no es un problema para comprender. Disfruto estudiar espanol! Nunca me rinda! Me encanta mucho cuando puedo entender las cosas que hablan o escriben las personas nativas!

Hasta pronto!


Regarding 'correo electrónico' translated as email address. Wouldn't 'dirección de correo electrónico' be necessary or is it just as accepted in a short form?

Is poder often used as 'should' based on context or would deber be more appropriate? I can't look at the text right now but he says something like ¨Como podriá yo saber' and is translated as How should I know?


Poder is in the conditional mood there.

Como podria yo saber - How would I be able to know?

Edited because the first time I wrote something stupid.

Thanks David My question must be worded poorly and perhaps the context isn't shown - the translation given is 'should' rather than 'can, able to, etc.. Would we not use deber in the present tense debo if we want to say 'How should I know' In other words can you tell me how to say 'How should I know' with using poder/deber. I appreciate the help.

I don't think that would be correct. "How should I know" is kind of idiomatic, isn't it? I don't believe that that phrase can be translated into Spanish in that way.

I seached for both "como debo yo saber" and "como debo saber" in a Spanish phrase dictionary ( and I did not find any results.

I would, in the end, ask a native Spanish speaker. Let's see if one responds.

David I didn't think of it as idiomatic but I checked by dictionary using the phrase 'how should I know' and it uses 'qué sé yo'
Also used for How do I know & Who Knows. All being interjections. Might be just LatinAmerica however.

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