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...になっていく (translation help needed)

Hey there,

I´m trying to translate a Japanese song and I´m unsure about the translation of these lines:

"朝 に なって  夜 に なって いく
自由に なって  不自由に なって いく"

Here´s what I think it means... (it´s gonna sound like bad english, but hey...I´m translating Japanese song lyrics here...)

"When it became morning, it started to become evening/night
when we* became free, we started to become unfree/uncomfortable** "

*I think it´s "we" because "僕ら" is often used in the rest of the song
** seems like "自由" means something like "free", so "不自由" should mean "unfree", right?

Does all that sound accurate to you?


自由になると不自由になるーー「Freedom is Slavery」ーーという言い方は矛盾しているように思えますが、完全なる自由はあり得ないので、際限なく自由を求める行為は制約を受けざるをえず、挫折せざるをえないーー「アノミー」(anomie)ーーということでしょうか。あるいは、自由に耐えられず、自由から逃走したいーー「自由からの逃走」(Escape from Freedom)ーーと感じてしまう人もいるのだろうと思います。

Yes, 不自由 means being unfree, not slavery.

The message that was suppressed one day?


Oh, really? Well, song lyrics are often vague...and if you don´t understand that phrase, then I won´t even try.^^

"Yes, 不自由 means being unfree, not slavery."

Ah, okay. It seems to mean different things in different contexts though.不自由
I really like "不" by the way.^^


Is this what you are referring to?


Nope, it´s a Song by "The unique star" ------>

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