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I know that some words (like LingQ) are written in Japanese with the Latin alphabet.
But what's the actual Japanese reading? りんく?

You won't find any official reading for words such as 'LingQ' so you will have to come up with your own reading for those words if you want a reading. りんく is probably about as close as you can get to a proper reading for the word 'LingQ'. Good luck on with your Japanese studies!

Thanks for answering. If I wouldn't hear LingQ in some lessons, I would have read it as りんぐきゅ. An official reading would have been great because sometimes my hearing is having fun :)

Steve pronounces it in English as "link", and katakana is used for foreign words. Therefore it would be written as リンク.

The title of the thread is misleading. Sorry about that. We were talking about reading.
As for writing, it is written LingQ, so no misunderstandings here.
But your answer is welcomed.
No matter how short it is, it is always a good idea for me to practice reading katakana :D

If you had no trouble listening to the audio, you would hear the speaker clearly pronouncing it as リンク (identical to its hiragana counterpart りんく), so that's what its reading would be.

Sorry to hear that you have some hearing problems. がんばってね!

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