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Seriously, though, this game wasn't very impressive from Germany, was it? (I reckon this German side will need to find some extra gears if they want to go all the way in the competition?)

There are simply no more easy games.

"I reckon this German side will need to find some extra gears if they want to go all the way in the competition?"

Definately, but you could say the same thing about the Netherlands and Brazil...

BTW, here´s the German team´s line-up of yesterdays match:

Goalkeeper: Neuer
Defense: Neuer-Neuer-Neuer-Neuer
Midfield: Whoever feels like it
Strikers: Müller-Schürrle

All I can say is, they need Neuer and some Neuen...! :-)

Germany's team has been overrated for a long term. Here is a new word for Jay. What a "Gurkentruppe"!

Germany are the best!

My favourite player is Schweinsteiger. I don't wanna know what he did to get this name.


There have been German teams in the past that were considerably better, IMO. For example, their team in the late 80s&early 90s (Klinsmann, Völler et al) would have made this lot look like a bunch of pickled cucumbers!

Saying that though, most of the big names have disappointed at this World Cup. (If I were a betting man, my shilling would be on Holland to win the title.)

Shame about Switzerland losing. I was all ready with a "if ya can't handle the heat, don't play with fondue" line. Would have been great to see Jolanda knock out Argentina.

Germany played the last game in m y city, Porto Alegre, and I didn't go to the stadium, but I watched the match in the "FIFA FAN FEST" organized outdoors and a public space here. Well, all I can say is that the people who cheer from Germany are really amazing. Here in my state in the souther of Brazil we had lots of german immigrants about 100 years ago, so today the sons and grandsons of those people were there cheering for Germany too. It was amazing!

But, it is important to say. Even all these people cheering for Germany and I myself who also cherred for Germany were very tired of the first part of the match. It was so boring! But then, in the addicional time there were those amazing moviments that made the game better. But for me, those last 30 minutes of Germany vs. Algeria worth it! ;)

"My favourite player is Schweinsteiger. I don't wanna know what he did to get this name."

Well, a "Schuhmacher" is someone who makes shoes, so I guess a "Schweinsteiger" is someone who climbs....pigs...uhm...


I always assumed his forefathers were, like, pig-farmers or something?? :-U

Frankly I think football is a game in crisis. When it gets to the knockout stages it always becomes this boring tactical war of atrition type of game with very few scorings and which is really unpleseant to watch. The modern super athetic player has moved past the outdated rules. So here is what I would do:

- Get rid of the offside rule
- Make the goals wider
- If necessary reduce number of players


I've noticed something at recent WMs: during the group phase we get open attacking Fußball with plenty of goals. Then, during the knock out phase, teams seem to get all tight-bottomed and defensive; they are wohl afraid of making a momentary mistake which could send them nach Hause right away? So they park the bus.

I don't know if there is an easy answer to this? Really, I think there has to be a way of motivating people to go for broke during normal time, bzw. a way to punish their asses for holding back?

Maybe you could make players wear weighted belts if their team hasn't scored after the first 30 mins - with an extra 3kg added for each 5 mins thereafter which passes without a goal, but 5kg taken away for each goal scored?

Or maybe Stürmer could start getting random medium strength electric shocks whenever in their own half of the pitch?

Make those overpaid and under-performing nincompoops suffer for their art!

Yeah :-D

Also, I think goalies should have to down a shot glass of Wodka every 5 mins after kick-off - that'd make things much more interesting! (Who needs a Torwart with steady hands, anyway? :-D)

I think the Americans have something good to add to the beatiful game.

I always did say that Budweiser was my wise buddy.

Facebook sampled posts to see the average number of extra characters used to spell "goal" during the World Cup

For those who know Spanish or Portuguese: Little argentine boy disappoints his mom by rooting for Brazil. :)

This video is the cutest thing EVER! This little boy is amazing!

But in fact if we think about this year's team Brazil is not "bueníssimo". I myself was waiting a little bit more from Brazilian Team, you know, known over the world as the best soccer team, and then when they are playing at home all we can see is this tremendous hard matches. Well, maybe it is the whole world which is becoming better and better in soccer, so it makes Brazil look poor ahahaha

Vengeance !

It´s gonna be an exciting "Derby".^^

In France, the 1982 World Cup semi-final is a scar that hasn't healed and never will. I wasn't born but for our fathers and grandfathers it will remain as the worst memory ever, and when they talk about it you can feel the pain in their voice.

But today's German team is nicer and most people like it. I hope we are going to see an exciting match with a lot of goals and France winning at the end. ^^

1-0 for Germany...muahahahaha^^

PS: After 35 minutes, France is leading 10-2 or so when it comes to foul plays though...

And so, my friends, we see a familiar story: whether zey play gut or bad, ze teutonic machine goes vorwärts von victory zu victory.

Ve have seen it before: it is inevitable. :-)

Yep, we did it again, it's German "Gründlichkeit". And where are England, Spain, Italy, Portugal? At home ... :-)

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