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For those who don´t speak Spanish, here´s what AI3 wants to tell us:

"Anything else vergonsozo to Brazil 7-1 Germany will struck? ... The fact that he has Brazilian who dare to celebrate as his triumph in Germany after a party worthy Argentina gave the winged in the final.Of course it is the height of
shame! If it had been a different story had sung DiMaria. there I leave. Is the best player in the world for Messi? Nooooo waayyy! The best player in the world, yet today and was not in his day, is called Javier Mascherano, where the want to see."


Are you drunk?

@Al3 , ¿Usted es un argentino encubierto o es sólo un mexicano resentido?

AI3: ¿Crees de verdad que solo la presencia de DiMaría Argentinia hubiera cambiado el resultado? Pues, los sueños, sueños son. Fútbol es más un deporte en equipo y no depende exclusivamente de un solo jugador. El último partido de Argentinia contra Alemania era su mejor de todo el campeonato (y eso sin diMaría).

That translation was 100% accurate.

"Paule.. I'm not drunk."

I´m drunk enough to use Google translate

"I stand for it... google translate 7... paule 1"

I still don´t get the joke, but that´s probably because I´m German.

"La única satisfacción que me queda es que tendrás que recurrir nuevamente al google translate"

Näh, di müä isch ess miiä nüsch wehrt. Wasch fuhr een armloischta...

Lol, recht so...;-)

Joachim Low ist auch haapi... etwas

Hmmm, my prediction was wrong, it seems. Oh, well, can't win them all!

Is it just me, or do other folks find it bizarre that Messi was awarded the Golden Ball for this tournament?

Nobody would dispute that he is a very good player when he's at his best. But he hasn't really been at all outstanding at this World Cup, in my opinion. He's had a couple of moments - flashes in the pan if you will. Apart from that he's been slow, sluggish and quiet.

Not so much golden ball as leaden ball, if you ask me!

"Wonder if Friedemann was in the little boys' room for the goal this time? :-D"

Believe it or not, I didn't watch the match, I believe Germany won though. Even though Germany feels quite crazy during these tournaments, we are nowhere near in terms of football crazyness compared to South American countries.

While watching the Germany - Brasil match I could not forget that in October Poland will play against Germany... :-(

@Jay: Not to mention that he wasn't the top scorer of this tournament nor did his team win.But who cares, Germany won the world cup !!!


in fact it was the day after the 1-7 match that they had this as the headline story on CNN online next to a picture of a huge bomb detonating over an urban neighborhood in Gaza that I thought: There are certainly things more important than sweating millionaires on a grass pitch.

Still on the subject: There was certainly some entertainment value in the World Cup but except the historic Brazil semifinal most of it was in the group stages. I think the game cries for some measures to make it less tactical and defensive. The pinnacle of lifeless entrenchment football was the second semifinal. The decent of Holland from the rousing 5-1 defeat of Spain to the knockout stage, diving past Mexico, having to resort to schoolyard bullying tactics in the shootout, was my biggest disappointment of the World Cup


I'd certainly agree that the world attaches too much importance to football. And I'd agree that the players receive a level of renumeration (and social esteem) which is wildly disproportionate to the contribution which they make in the wider scheme of things.

Frankly it was pretty galling to see some of the players' girlfriends coming onto the pitch at the end! There is no way that Götze, for example, would be doing a chick like that if he were just a regular dude! (The way I see it, guys like him are taking quality meat away from genuine alpha-dudes like you and I...!)

(Only kidding on the last point, of course :-D But still...)


I feel I have always been well served but fom my own experience I can tell you that looks are overrated, I am sure some of these football brides would make your life a living hell. Love is a strange thing.

The thing that amazes me is the disparity between the might of the Premier League and the performance of the national team. Maybe they should adopt a more lowkey strategy. For example in Germany we really have only two clubs that can compete on an European Level and in many stadiums I think you can still take your wife and two kids to a game for under 100 Euros for the tickets.

There is something strangely raw, basic and tribal about international footbal that you don't really find in European club footbal. The raw emotions that the World Cup produces is amazing. FIFA certainly has a great product.


when I was in China they had a blog thread on some social media site with pictures of beautiful girls with ugly boyfriends and the title of the thread was: "Fresh flower stuck into a cow dropping"

Love certainly is a strange thing! Check this out:

Some folks would be scared by this. I feel nothing but raw unrestrained sexual energy! Honestly! Maybe it's the uniforms, I don't know?

As regards the Premier League, yeah, it needs to find some way of limiting the number of foreign players to, let's say, 65% of a club's playing squad. (Of course, that would go against EU law, so it wont be possible until we come out of the EU...)

Maybe capping transfer money?

I guess it's pretty much in a club's own interests to identify and develop young local talent - that way they don't need to go and spend a zillion pounds to buy a vampire from South America! :-)

I still can't get over those Chinese girls in the video - being taken prisoner by them would's a sweet sweet dream! :-P

Vielleicht sind die letzten Beiträgen ein ja... ein bisschen anstößig? Aber ich bin halt notgeil was junge Frauen betrifft und kann nichts dafür...;-)

I am always impressed with your written German, your form and grammar are impeccable. I don't now any foreigner in Germany who writes that well.

"aber ich bin halt notgeil was junge Frauen betrifft und kann nichts dafür...;"

Just start a war with China and lead the Brits into battle...


Thanks for the compliment! Your written English is also of the highest level - as I have, indeed, mentioned several times in the past.

"...Start a war with China..."

Hmm, wie lautet der bekannten Spruch von John Lennon? "make love, not war!" Ich bin eigentlich kein Fan von Lennon, aber in diesem Punkt hatte er ganz bestimmt Recht!

(Ich sage dir, Friedemann: gib mir einen unbewohnten Insel und ein paar duzend von diesen chinesischen Militär-Tussis, und ich würde sehr gern einen neuen Anglo-Chinesischen Stamm gründen! :-D)

Ich meine...auch nur eine wäre okay...! :-(

Congrats Germany. Clinical finishing proved the difference.

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