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what is the difference between podcasts and other audio content? I certainly did not record the podcasts at the time for money and the points I earned then, I lost them all quickly after that when they all were confiscated.

Eh? Confiscated? :-0

@Friedemann: Podcasts are audio files published as RSS files. The lessons on LingQ are often published as podcasts as well. Your podcasts and the ones I've made for "GermanLingQ" were published as podcasts AND as lessons on LingQ. In this case LingQ is the provider and LingQ had paid a small amount of points for that as a compensation. Look here for the podcast:

@Prinz_Jogi: All points that are not used expire after 3 months. These points are allocated to the content providers regarding how often their lessons are taken. The lessons from the official LingQ podcasts doesn't count here because LingQ is the provider. On LingQ lessons without transcript are not possible.

"On LingQ lessons without transcript are not possible." - except for private lessons, of course.

Who do ye think will win in the final today??? Score?

I don't know anything about football bit I'll say 2 - 0 to Germany

Germany will certainly win it, but by how many is hard to say.

Ya it seems like it alright, I would like to see Argentina winning too! I'll be cheering for the losing team, I hope it will be a good game

I´m 51% sure that Germany´s gonna win. They seem more confident and level-headed somehow. It´s gonna be an exciting game though.

PS: that could´be been a penalty for Germany. Poor Kramer.^^

Yeah, Germany are so level-headed, especially Kroos!

That happened right after I wrote that comment.^^

Things are getting a little messi in the German defence.

It's really close and a good game, there were some good chances for both teams, messi I think is going to score! But who knows anything can happen

God, I hope this doesn't go to penalties. I hate penalties.

If you're supporting Germany, you should be pretty relaxed about penalties! (They've never once lost a shootout, I believe...)

It vas immer inefitable...

(Been here before, seen the script...)

Wonder if Friedemann was in the little boys' room for the goal this time? :-D

Was für ein Supertor!

I have been saying it from the beginning, nobody and nothing can stop Germany

All in all a great symbolic victory for the British Royal family...

Herzlichen Glückwunsch Deutschland! Das Land meiner Vorfahren.

Michael Ballack ist haapi

Go to Austria instead. It is like Germany, but instead of Germans, it is full of Italians pretending to be German.

Ooooooooooooooooh wie ist das schöön!!!
Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh wie ist das schöööööön!
Sowas hat man lange nicht gesehen! So schööööööööööön!!!

Olé, olé olé oléee! Endlich wieder den Titel :)).: Wer friert uns diesen Moment ein, besser kann es nicht sein... (A. Bourani)

For those who don´t speak Spanish, here´s what AI3 wants to tell us:

"Anything else vergonsozo to Brazil 7-1 Germany will struck? ... The fact that he has Brazilian who dare to celebrate as his triumph in Germany after a party worthy Argentina gave the winged in the final.Of course it is the height of
shame! If it had been a different story had sung DiMaria. there I leave. Is the best player in the world for Messi? Nooooo waayyy! The best player in the world, yet today and was not in his day, is called Javier Mascherano, where the want to see."


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