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Has anyone noticed that the site is faster?

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Thank you.

It is still extremely slow. Opening "My Imports" take more than 30 seconds.

@VeraI - I assume you have lots of lessons on the "My Imports" page? :) Do other pages on the site work properly and fast?

Yes, as a content provider of about 2,000 German lessons I have a lot of lessons there.

THe side is faster, but I'm still having 2 vivvidly important problems - I can't go to my general list of imported lessons, only to the recent opened imported lessons.
It's important for me to go to my general list of imported lessons because I like Vera have created a lot of lessons and before creating the new one I have to check the previuos lessons in order not to repeat them.
The general list was also important for me as a sourse of the statistic how many times my lessons were taken.
How can I now reach this general imported list what was so esily to do before???
And the second problem is connected with the first one.
Friom this provider's general list of imported lessons I could go to the field: 'create
a new course' - and now I can't create a new course, only to continue the old my courses.
How can I go to this option 'create a new course' because I don't see any bottom to reach it???

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