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Has anyone noticed that the site is faster?

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I have nothing to do with these things, but I know that a lot of effort has been put into improving site speed over the last little while. Much of this was included in the latest update. I find the site faster now. Have others noticed?

Yes, the lingqing process is definitely faster now. That's great, thanks.

It appears faster, but I have noticed a couple of things:

1. An old notification (which I read yesterday) keeps coming up flagged red, despite repeated refreshing via F5.

2. This post is still shown in the list of Recently Active Threads as having coming from Steve (who posted it at 6:17) , despite a reply by @Domas at 07.25. The times quoted are UK.

I just read a newpaper article on the website and it seems to be much better. The list of user hints appears almost instantly, LingQs are created really fast, and the lagging after changing the word status is completely gone. This is an excellent improvment and makes a huge difference.

On the other hand, the website is telling me I have 45 new notifications, when in reality I have none. I guess this doesn't matter so much. Ten leaps forward, one step back.

Lucky you. I've 429 new notifications ;)

I haven't found the time for testing, but I've recognized that the ranking for Roses doesn't load.

I also have 416 notifications.
And I've just noticed that when lingqing, after saving, it doesn't move to the next blue word.

Yes, it’s faster! Great job, LingQ Team ^^

EDIT: Oh, no captcha..!

I have "only'' 190 new notifications.

@all - The notifications issue should hopefully be fixed very soon, so don't worry about scrolling through your entire list of notifications to mark them all as read :)

The increased speed is much appreciated. Thank you LingQ team!

Yes !!! It is better now !!!

Absolutely, thank you to the staff for all your work!

Yes, definitely noticed the speed improvement here. It makes the site *so* much more usable :-) To me, if you guys can really work on the speed and reducing the bug count, it would really take the site from "useful resource" to "essential tool".

Yes, it is a lot faster. Honestly it lagged a lot before but whatever you did, it worked, and it's a lot smoother I think.

Definitely an improvement. Thanks, LingQ team!


Yes, the site is doing great. I always love visiting this site. It's informative and full of knowledge.

The library is still slow.

@VeraI - I just checked and the Library seems to be a lot quicker than before. How long is it taking to load, and do you notice it taking longer with certain searches or filters selected?

With my German library I get the following results:
My Imports: 15 seconds
Selecting "Courses": 25 seconds
Page 2 (from the Courses): 25 seconds

Wow Vera, that is slow. I find the library faster. A few seconds to get into the library, and 3-5 seconds to change from My Lessons to My Imports etc. Switching to the Course view is very slow for in Russian (25 seconds) where I have a mountain of content, but only a few seconds in Ukrainian. No doubt there is lots we can do to improve the library and we will get there, but it is, at least for me, faster, even much faster than before for most of the things that I do.

It is especially slow on the "My import" page. The library itself seems to load much faster than the import page.

For me the "My Import" page opens immediately in Ukrainian and in 3-4 seconds for Russian. I wonder what is causing your slowness. Maybe you have many recent import whereas many of my Russian imports may have been automatically archived after 3 months.

Probably the number of courses and lessons I've imported? These lessons are the courses I've shared for the German learners. They are not archived.

@VeraI - Ah, that would be it. The more results there are, the longer it will take to load. Because you've imported so many lessons, it's going to take longer unfortunately - there's just more data to process.

We are making some additional changes that may help behind the scenes to both speed up load times and reduce load on our servers. We'll note this down and see what we can do to help make this quicker for you.

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