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What is really happening in Ukraine and Crimea.

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Luckily this is not a language forum only.

@cambusken: "This is not an appropriate topic for a language forum.".

Ok, may be it would be better to find this thread in the more proper one, I think it`s "Open Forum in English" (
There we can "Talk about anything you like as long as you write in English!".

But generaly there are not restrictions for such topics.
Contrary, speaking about actual themes is great for language acquisition. Thanks to Steve his LingQ is a great place for it.

I agree. Most of the people commenting on this thread are doing so in a second language. We learn languages best when we are passionate about the subject we are reading about or discussing.

Introducing Igor Strelkov

Putin approaches Chinese
"It would be no exaggeration if I said that the cooperation between our two countries is at its highest level in history," the Russian leader said. (To Chinese language news)

Chinese chastise American ambassador Baucus for US hypocrisy: US detained 5 Chinese army officers wokring in the US for industrial espionage - Chinese cite wikileaks and Snowden

(French language article)

dooo: Putin approaches Chinese

Incidentally, I was working through a similar article from BBC Russian. Here is the link for Russian learners.

Putin understands that all the advantages of his invading Crimea will soon wear off so he needed this success badly. Russia will have to pay through the nose to support Crimea's existence and Europe is going to be less and less dependent on Russian gas supplies.

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