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A video of me speaking in 22 languages

A video in which i speak 22 languages. I've learned a lot of Japanese, Romanian, Mandarin and Polish with the help of the wonderful site LINGQ! If you like the video, share it and subscribe to the channel :)

BONUS: video of me speaking in 18 languages with my friend & famous Youtube polyglot Moses McCormick:

Meus parabéns, muito sucesso!

Outstanding, unbelievable, wonderful, congratulations and thank you.

@vypybMDe, I am really impressed with your Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, BELARUSIAN (!)... and other languages!!!


And disheartening at the same time..

Amazing job! Starting Italian, I was able to understand a little bit less than half of your Italian, which is good for me at this point in time. Do you have any tips for studying Italian?

Nice job! Your Hindi pronunciation is great, as well as the other languages.

Fantastic. Inspirational.

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