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ARay, I think this discussion is a little off the rails but I think the terms like "insane" and "hate" are not going to bring us back on track. As far as I know, a person who resides in the US, or even is a US citizen, is not obliged to like all things about the US, ditto in Canada. They are certainly not required to cheer for the US or Canada in hockey.

I know a Swede of Finnish origin who always cheers for Finland when they play Sweden in hockey. BTW the game tomorrow between Canada and Finland should be a humdinger.

As for Canada and Russia, our goaltenders have started practicing how to dislodge the goal without anyone noticing when the other team is about to score.

Seriously though, for all we know, if we sat around a dinner table we would all be the best of friends. There is something about the anonymity of the internet that sometimes leads to things getting out of hand.

I was a little confused by Nebulae's assertion that Steve is a russophobe.

(But then again, I once posted under the name "Teutophobe Jones" - which might be considered a little ironic by those who know me well...)

To be honest, I was a little confused when the goal was under review. The announcers on NBC (the US broadcast) seemed to be confused about it as well. They thought they might be reviewing a high-stick on the puck but replayed the video and clearly that wasn't the case. They didn't figure out why the goal was disallowed until after the refs made the announcement. The goal was clearly off its moorings but its confusing because in the NHL, the goal would have been allowed. The goal being off had nothing to do with the play and to be honest, it's a dumb rule. But it is what the rule is. I'm not sure how it would matter who the ref is for how that play was called. It net was clearly off after all.

Steve, perhaps insane was a bit much, but she certainly wasn't being rational. I would expect and hope that she would cheer for Russia and I appreciate her pride in her homeland. America is a nation of immigrants and I am proud of my Irish, German and Swedish heritage and I cheer for those teams or athletes that represent those nations when the United States is not in contention. My point was, this forum and language learning as a whole celebrates other cultures. I know I for one love studying other cultures, I will be living in Germany this summer, I spend a great deal of time reading about other countries, and would like to eventually travel to more countries and learn more languages. I agree we would all be great friends if we met in person, and I operate under the assumption that we already are as we share a common passion, but when someone begins throwing around personal attacks at multiple people they should be called out on it. Those comments against you and Paule were absolutely uncalled for.

That game should be great, sadly I don't have any way to watch it. I know his production is down a bit but I love that Selanne is still going strong. Such a great player.

@ARay: Such a cultured and open-minded person. Did you pat yourself on the back today?

"If you hate us so much, you are welcome to return to Russia."

When you get off your high horse, you can actually read my posts to see what my stance on America is. The key word is ambivalence. Hope this isn't too nuanced for you to wrap your mind around. And for a guy so tolerant (does the word diversity make your heart beat faster too?), you were awfully quick to send me packing.

"I agree we would all be great friends if we met in person, and I operate under the assumption that we already are."

We sure are. You, dearest, are my best friend.

@Paule89: You're lying. You used a curse word on my wall, not the innocuous "heck".
About porn: I suggest you take a stroll down the memory lane of this thread - ARay will keep you company - and see that the reference to porn wasn't addressed to you. To avoid awkward silences, you could tell ARay what the EU thinks about diversity.

@Steve: You still should not have used russophobic rhetoric against me.
You paint a rosy picture of the EM and ignore the hate they throw at their own country daily. Maybe this is due to the fact that you have a working relationship with them, or maybe you agree with them, I don't know. After all, I don't belong to the intellectual circles by definition (that you gave me).

This thread saddened me too. I was first shamed, then I was attacked, and my posts have been mangled and misquoted. Yet, if all were distilled, what sent the thread into a tumble were my words that the American team and refs will not be forgiven. Y'all done well, and I am too insane for LingQ forum. Bye!

"To avoid awkward silences, you could tell ARay what the EU thinks about diversity." nebulae

Uhm...what does the EU think about diversity?

After watching the Russians today, my opinion still says the same: they're going to have to play better together going forward. In overtime their individual skill made them dominant, but they just weren't clicking during regular play. Now back to Canada-Finland overtime.

I didn't expect a D-man to score multiple goals. Great game by the Finns nonetheless and Rask looked pretty solid.


No, I just don't like obnoxious mean people.


I suppose you will have to tell me, apparently I'm just an unintelligent silly American who daydreams about diversity all day long..

The Canadians played dumb. I haven't yet seen the Americans , and saw a little bit of the Swedes, but Canada is going to have to generate more offense on the attack, and not try to score so often from wrap arounds, poor angle shots, and general scrums around the net, IMHO.

Nebulae, we don't have to agree on anything, other than a common interest in learning languages.

Living just outside of Boston I have had the pleasure of watching Tuuka Rask live and on tv many times. He is a streaky goalie, but when on, he is a joy to watch. When a team has him and my favorite hockey player Big Z Chara on defense they have a great chance for the Cup.By the way, all Hockey announcers why can't you pronounce Chara's name?? Its not Chara like in charcoal its CHHH ara like in Lo CH Ness. This brutalization of slavic names would be acceptable if there were one Slav in the NHL,but they are legion in that fine league. Jezisi, they can't even get Slovak right. End of rant :))

Canada s-q-u-e-a-k-s by Latvia.... 2-1


If they play like that against the Americans, they're done. I think the biggest shocker was Finland's victory over Russia given that they were missing four of their stars.

A catastrophe for Russia. They played like an All Star team , all individual play hardly any teamwork and the defense was "nebulous" at best.It should be a wild one between the US and Canada. Good Luck Canadian friends !

"the defense was "nebulous"

I see what you did there :)

I think the Finns were hungrier. There is always more pressure when you are expected to win. I only saw the last ten minutes of Finland Russia but felt the Russians allowed the Finns to beat them to the puck quite often, and were not well organized in their attack. Surprised.

I expect that Canada will get it together for Friday. Should be a good game. Anything can happen in a single hockey game.

can we please shift one team against another? That way we could have
both Finland and Sweden in the final.. (:

No but seriously I think (at this point) that Usa and Finland "deserves" a gold medal more than the other two.
On the other hand both Sweden and Canada have done exactly what they need, to reach the semi finals, nothing more nothing less.
Im not worried about Canada, and with that I mean quite the opposite, for them it begins now.. but sweden...
they really need to sharpen those skates now..

^Yeah it would be nice to see either USA or Finland to win. It seems that the Finns can get things together by playing strong defense and we all know that defense wins championships.

I love the friendly Canadian American rivalry. But you guys buy milk in a bag and that drives me nuts.

We're playing loser keeps Jystin Bieber.

I'd like to welcome Justin Bieber to his new full time home in the United State...

Im ok with losing to a fine team like Canada , but no I will never accept that horror show Dweeber as a full time American. I signed the online deportation request and I suggest that all Americans keep the pressure on the White House to boot him outta here. :)))

I only could watch a few minutes of the game but I felt like this was the right result. Canada seemed steady and solid for the most part.

In addition to that Bieber bet, Obama now owes 2 cases of booze to our Prime Minister :P

Well at least the red white and blue has ice dancing.

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