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Christophe Clugston - the best polyglot

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Wait, you mean that's not you in your avatar picture? ;)

I watch Clugston's videos on YouTube. I watch many linguists and language-learners online. You know, the guy is right about *one* thing: the left/right brain modes of learning. What he doesn't realize, though, (since I doubt he's ever used it), is that LingQ allows the user to learn in both ways. I just posted in another thread about how I began "processing" more Russian as meaningful content simply by *listening* to LingQ lessons; by "forgetting" the English definitions I learned and just listened. Of course I wouldn't have understood them at all without a left-brain approach in the beginning; but effective, meaningful listening (at least for me) is largely a right-brain activity. (From what I understand about the different hemispheres of the brain, anyway.) You know, the thing Steve said that finally convinced me into using LingQ was the line, to paraphrase: "No one can teach you a language". That doesn't seem it's coming from a left-brain-centric philosophy at all, which Clugston often accuses LingQ of being. The beauty of LingQ, unlike Rosetta Stone (right-brain-centric) and, I suspect, academic study (left-brain-centric), is that it's well-balanced in this regard. That doesn't make me a "sycophant" to anyone. That's just my opinion. And academia is full of opinions, which I know Christophe would mockingly disagree with.

Thanks Russophile, the problem we have at LIngQ is persuading people who are used to being taught by someone else, that they really have to just learn by themselves, and that LingQ provides a wide range of resources and functions , and a community, that make it easier to do that.

I sometimes have a hard time believing Clugston isn't just an elaborate troll when I watch his videos. His pretentious behavior regularly reaches a cartoonish level of ridiculousness that is usually reserved for satirical comedy.

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